Services / Consultancy

Service Center Management Software

Code : Scms
Detail :
We provides this software to the service center for for Repair Shops that receive items for repair, and Retail Stores or Repair.

Mobile Shop Management Software

Code : msms
Detail :
We provides this Software to manage all activities in shop. this software may able to give you good report as daily sales, stocks, mobiles ref. repaired etc.

Medical Stores Management Software

Code : Msms
Detail :
We provide this software to medical stores. By using this software you can handle your multiple customer at a time.

Marketing Person Management Software

Code : Mpms
Detail :
We provide this software to the marketing companies who wants to sell their product in market and increase their customer.

Logistics Management Software

Code : Lmgs
Detail :
We provide this software to the business companies who wants to develop their business.This is very easy in use and you can also optimise your business.

Lease Management Software

Code : lms
Detail :
We provide this software to Property management companies,Real estate contract management.Easily manage your cash flow using straight line rent calculations, percent rents, and space utilization.

Insurance Agent Management Software

Detail :
We provide this software to the Insurance companies. By using this software youy can Integrated new business, policy administration, claims, and finance modules

Life General Health Insurance agent management

Code : LGHI
Detail :
We pheunix consultancy software provider company provide this software to the all insurance agents and agencies. you can enhance your business and maintain and and manage your database records.

E-Service Management System

Code : EMS
Detail : We provide this software to the Electronic companies This software can Dynamically increasing the customer satisfaction.You can manage your E-services, Web-Based Management,End to End management.

Directory Management Software

Detail : We Pheunix Consultancy provides this software to the Directory Management companies who wants to manage the various Directories. We can develop corporates directory, association directory, union directory on requirement which is CD/DVD accessible.